Pinnys rule!

Are you a pinny girl? …… Also known as aprons, the new uniform to cosy into while you float about your housekeeping fun, although scrubbing the bathroom doesnt always make the mark, unless you have found a gem of a vintage soap dish and shopped til you find that peony flower scented soap. Oh joy !

The love of homemaking

I have just read the most scrummy book by Alison May. She has the art of enjoying homemaking off perfectly, you know when you are reading a book and just connect completely …… Ive always been a believer in women at home bring up the family, I know and also understand that some of you lovely ladies love their career too. But for me just let me vaccum, tidy, titivate with vintage goodies, crochet doilies and plump the cushions. So Im so at home in this wonderful surge of homemaking that seems to be everywhere. Enjoy your home….. make it so !

This is my first steps in blogging, so stay  with me while I bumble my way through this. I hope to share  my life in the South of England countryside, family, love of chaos that surrounds my home.